Brand New Blog

fgnass 15 February 2012

Today I decided to abandon my Posterous blog and move over to GitHub Pages. The reason I chose Posterous in the first place was its Markdown support and built-in syntax highlighting. Unfortunately both features are quite cumbersome. When I wrote my last post, the syntax highlighting just didn’t work anymore. While searching for a solution I came across Paul Kinlan’s post which inspired me to try something completely different instead.

After a brief look at and I decided give jekyllbootstrap a try. It was interesting to see how much one could squeeze out of a bunch of Liquid templates and a Rakefile but like most bootstrap projects this felt a little bit bloated.


I decided to keep it simple instead and started from scratch. Since everything I blog about is usually related to a GitHub project in some way, I wanted a theme that resembled the look and feel of a GitHub project page with the same formatting as a project’s README. Especially code snippets should look exactly the same.

I stole some design elements from the official GitHub blog and made the layout responsive, so that you get a nice one-column view on mobile devices.

Another great thing about GitHub pages is that you get a decent web-based editor for free as well as a version history of your posts and the possibility to work collaboratively.